Monday, 3 March 2008

Cooking & Baking Day :)

Well just as i said last weekend i was gonna do some slavering around my mom's kitchen and do my worst in there and let my mom enjoy the day and just watch me cook :) Usually my mom would be fussing about in her kitchen whenever myself and "Mapsey" having one of our cookie baking this time around she just stayed away from the kitchen totally and let me help dirty up her ever so spotless kitchen :) Last weekend i list down this menu that i wish to cook/bake as a treat for my mom;

"Next Weekend food to bake and cook for my mom :)

1. Lamb shanks with baby carrot & prunes
2. Wholemeal bread
3.Calzones ( Inspired by my cousin Envy's blog post)
4.fruit salad "

Then i ended up doing 2 out of the four things i listed up there but i did managed to substitute the other two on other things. so basically the menu went about like this....

Breakfast & Lunch

1. Wholemeal Bread
3. Spaghetti
4. Bruschetta

1. Fish Fillet with Asparagus + capsicum+ Broccoli

Honey dew sumi jelly


I was actually pretty much wanting everything to be as healthy as possible so i use mostly organic stuffs like organic raw sugar cane, organic unbleached flour, organic unbleached wholemeal flour, Dry Baker's Yeast , vegetables and some minced meat, olive oil , Buttercup Butter (lite version) and finally lite version on the cheese as well.

I was thinking how am i gonna satisfy everyone in the house for everybody have different taste in everything so i decided to make the basic pasta sauce for most of my cooking for the day and just add other ingredients as i move to other dishes.

so first on the list is actually the wholemeal bread and also the calzones bread crust as it takes time for both to prepare as i need to wait for the yeast to act on the dough to get it to raise the dough to at least double the size, so i made the breads first and while waiting for the rising process to happen, i prepared the stuffings/toppings for the calzones as well as the Bruschettas and spaghetti and also all the chopping and dicing of veges and onions other stuffs.

so here are the pics :)

1. Wholemeal Bread

The organic ingredients

1. mixing the dry ingredients 2. making the dough 3. the dough 4. ready for the active yeast to works it magic and make the loaf twice its size :)

here is the finished product :)

Next...the calzones!

2. Calzones

1. same method like the bread 2. the dough 3. flatten the dough to make the crust 4. All ready for the filling.

The ingredients for the filling and the finished filling + cheese (lite)

After the baking period and the calzones turned golden and brown ..its all done ;)

Here is my calzones :)


3. Spaghetti & 4. Bruschetta

since both are using the same topping i guess its pretty easy so i just prepare the spaghetti sticks and the wholemeal bread that i made and walla!

shafiq's favourite spaghetti

and my very own favourite...Brushetta

And just as you guys thought ah..she's finally over with her cooking ...well..i did promised my mom that i'll do breakfast, lunch and dinner so for dinner i just made my old time favourite a fish dish which is my favourite as i loveeeeee fish :) so here is the final dish for the long day in the kitchen :)

1. Fish Fillet with Asparagus + capsicum+ Broccoli + carrots + Mushrooms

The ingredients and the cooking bit

Finally the finish product :)

all i can say is that it was really tiring BUT its for my mom :) and also ..its not always i get this cooking attack syndrome so enjoy it while it last hehehe :)
My next assignment for my cooking/baking escapades would be a challenge from my sister who wants me to bake her a Walnut cake.....hmn....she said make one and charge it on!...tempting indeed... ok will do it! BUT will have to see when i have the free time to do it next ...@ the meantime....have a wonderful week ahead everyone!

Cinta is Love & Love is Cinta


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

All tongue on the cheek 's menu!!!!
Pray hard U will be my CIL ! then I can eat that SOON!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

hahahaha well praying to all gods then so that your wish will come true! :P

Alice The Menace! said...

OMG!! its all soooo damning delicious!!!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

yes...BUT its all so "DAMNING" tiring too... hehhee :)

[Large and in charge] said...

Am thinking whether you are up to do catering for my kid's birthday coming up this April? Nadiyah turns 3 and Tasha turns 1. So we're having a joint birthday for them this April 13
which falls on a Sunday.

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

sure can can but only western food i can do hehehe :)

[Large and in charge] said...

Hehe, i think their grandma has something in the pipeline so to speak for grub on that day. Next time when ur looking for food tasters let us know...hihi