Wednesday, 19 March 2008

My 1st Photography seminar :)

It was a great opportunity to be able to attend a photography seminar , as chances like this dont come much especially when it is FREE! Yes this seminar was free and we get to have wonderful food selection for the afternoon brunch which is another plus for something like this but other then that its also an opportunity for us gals to practise what we might have learned during the seminar and put to use SAP! so here are the recollection of pictures depicting the activities we were in during the seminar ;)

The Opening

The ceiling...boring moment of the seminar.....

The and only Louis Pang

The "Gingamaru Gals" see how our eyes all kinda look alomond like here ...hahaha

My bossom buddy (hahaha)

This my bossom buddy also :)

This is "tiny tots gingamaru gal" :)

n'est ce pas!

Leave nothing but footsteps but in this case just show off ur feeties wil do hehehe ;)

to the right side....

To the left

all in all it was a wonderful time spent with the girls and most of all we had fun , not sure what we have learnt but im sure we will use it whenever , whenever ..right ms danne? ;)

A plus tard!



Eudora said...

Just for your info, I've grab the picture of us. Heehe. Sorry I curi. Twas a great day indeed right? Chin's up! I'm on the right spotlight! Haha =p

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

no worries curi lah hehehe :) yes indeed it was a great + fun day as well coz its not always we can go out and learn something for free then eat some more then laugh lots and get beautiful pictures so all in all its great fun indeed when we have friends to share it with :)

yes...i remember the chin up thingy (hahaha) you were absolutely beautiful under the light so what else can u not do except for Chin up gal! hehehe hope to see you again soon with that darling of a sister of yours :)