Sunday, 30 March 2008

The longest of break....

I was so looking forward to this break that i have bene silent for the few days that i was to leave and go to KL and somehow, suddenly i became so very busy and couldnt come to my blog even just to say or wish anything to my friends on here..but anyhowi have a few interesting things that i did when i was in KL and one of it was spending some wuality time with mon coeur and also to my dearest aunt and family :) On this post will be showing some pics of my splashing time at the pool and some squaking time at the park with them ducks at the sentul Park with my lil cousin Hannie :)
So we have arranged to have lunch at the condo and so i was busy bee that morning preparing some food that i would think Hannie would love to have so i did again some calzones and honey roast chicken and some rice as i know my aunt Alice will be bringing some Ginger yummie chicken with her for the lunch meet :)

so here are the pics ;)

Food for lunch

The Maze park @ maple

The meditation park & Lap Pool

splashing time ;)

cooling off at the pool with hannie :)

Hannie's favourite part...feeding the resident Maple Ducks :)

nexttime we will visit the Koi and arts centre on my next trip to KL ;) But all in all, enjoyed the lunch with alice and co. its a wonderful get together and hopefully soon we get to do that lots :) soon...very soon :)

Lots of smiles,


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