Saturday, 8 March 2008

The blunder of the day :(

I was so excited to go to the polling side today as this will be my third time doing the "voting" thingy. So everytime we do it it seemed to be a few improvements here and there like for instance...when you get to the part where you hand in your ID card and polling number (or something) they get to read your name and ID number ALOUD! and REALLY LOUD! I was so stunned by that...hehehe feels like im a prisoner about to be assigned to my cell number and location...hahaha..quite annoying indeed. But thats noting compared to the blunder that happened to me through out my whole poling experience as well as going to the office coz thats how long my blunder stays on me...hahahaha
Anyhow, last night, when we got back from the Giant store i went to get something that's got a sticker on it tht says ... 3 Packs for 1 or something like that its as big as when you connect your thumb and pointing fingger to form a big " O " thats how big the sticker is. Then i was putting my new stuffs that i bought in my closet drawers and took off them stickers and i remembers i stick it on the nearest clothing that was near me just then and that was my "denim jeans skirt" that was hanging around there. So the next day i went to the polling station i was wearing my Bolivia pink top and my denim skirt....was walking around the polling area and i noticed most people were looking me up and down..but i couldnt care less...then finish @ the polling thingy and went to work and meet with some office mates then finally they ask me hey, are you selling 3packs for 1? i said excuse me, what am i selling? then pretty kismet was pointing to the sticker thats been on my skirt all the time all the way from the polling station and to work!!! gosh!! im a walking price tagg!! embarrassing was that :P
Ah well...thats the funny bit....i guess when one is too excited to do something ...something funny is bound to happen...and so thats my polling blunder for the day :)

Ok..enough already...dont laught too much afterwards you'll get lock jaw like someone i know...hahahhha!
clarity blund! :)

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