Monday, 10 March 2008

My visit to Taman Teluk Putatan :)

Well yesterday i had a small suprise to one of my childhood best buddy who happens to live in "Taman Teluk Putatan" when i gave her family and herself a suprise visit to their home. I wasn't actually prepared for the visit BUT since i was in the neighbourhood i just thought i would drop by and visit her and her beloved family :) So I went ...and was a wonderful impromptu get-together that we had coz sometimes or most of the times, good things happens when we least plan for it to happen and this visit of mine is certainly wasn't planned at all. So i played with her kiddies :) She's got three wonderful, wonderful kids. "My beloved Darling" (azizah) the eldest, the chatter box is my darling of them all and she use to be go out with me and Datul all the time when we go out together and she never forgotten any of our outings :) Then there's "My sugar-pop-Honey-Bunch" little man (Iqqy) :) he is really really cute and have the most profound eyes and lips a boy could ever have all thanks to the combination of Ula (the dad) and Datul (the mom) of course hehehe...and finally the baby of the three "My Sweet Heart" very baby indeed (Alia) and finally the cousin of te three which is (Sha Sha) who wanted me to call her by some nice sweet name also so i named her "My Sweetness" hehehe because she is really sweet :)

Had a ball going out at her garden with the kiddies taking pics and cathing up on some juicy goss hahaha :P anyways. Datul cook some good food and i couldnt thank her enough for having me for dinner with her family that night . was so un suspected but anyhow was a wonderful suprise for both sides coz moments like these at this age and time is hard to come by really. We can say, yes we will see each other again soon enough ...but soon enough is usually so far away and no time stamps on we are both glad for the time we spent together reminicing about all times and catching up on good times ahead. To Datul & Ula you guys are the greates!! and your kids are my babies just like always!!! emmuahhhhhh! thank you for being the best friend in the world for me and appreciated it very much! and hope to do this again soon enough ;)

ok here are the pics :)

From L-R : Iqqy, azizah, shasha,Datul and Alia

" My sugar-pop-Honey-Bunch and My darling "

Datul & Co.

"The Diabolic Duo" yeah right! :P

Just like old times indeed ...Muahhh!

here is me and my darling and sugar pop honey bunch!

The mat-rempits wanna be hahaah! i love this shot indeed!

sometimes in the present,



Alice The Menace! said...

Awww...i remember Datul...she's a very good friend indeed....She was there for you when nenek passed away right?

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

yesssssss...she's the very one and only datul :) not only she's my best friend but also a family friend to all our family thats why she's extra special in all the ways and she is still the same person...pillar of strenght...she's a wonderful person and like u always say kan lis..good people will be blessed with abundance of happiness in their life and so it shows :)

Alice The Menace! said...

i said that? sound so smart, u sure its me? hahah!...Believe in the law of good things or else! u dont want bad stuff coming back & biting u in the arse right? there i go again...sprouting great sayings! hah!!