Thursday, 27 December 2007

Yummy my dinner tonight

Here is the person who is responsible to fix my dinner tonight which is special beef burger cost me about rm2.50 hmmm Yummy indeed :-) btw, im blogging from my phone while waiting for my brother to get his massage lambatnya :( so very the lapar lah :-S

Hungry me,

3 comments: said...

hehehe....down here burger special which comes with additional egg & cheese would be RM 3.80...yummy!! i'll bring u to one place near my hse when u come ok..?! damn kao i tell u!!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

DAMN! WILL GO BACK WITH AN EXTRA KG I THINK :( BUT it's ok i can blog and brag about it later hahahaha :)

the brat said...

lucky you put some text below the pix otherwise i would be wondering if dinner refers to the burg or the man who made it! bwahahaha!