Sunday, 9 December 2007

December Babes Pinkish Birthday Bash! 8.12.07

Ok today i've decided to blog you guys eyes to death with my pictures hahahhaha...well im actually quite lazy to write about anything else so ONCE again i'm just gonna let the pictures say it all for me..ok magic pictures do your magic! Ta daaaaa!

Ok here are the pinkies happy birthday to both of you ;)

Before Hyatt

Smileys before seeing the food can only mean something.....


I don't know about you guys...BUT...i had 3 trips to the food very the kenyang is definately the right words to describe after the food rested in my tummy :)

ok la la la la la.....posing time ;) Double D's and C

After this picture its all possies and randomly put together just to make life difficult ...heehehehe and all I know is that we all have pretty smiles and looking very pinkish and cute and girlie and top of it all......VERY VERY KENYANG!! hahahaha

L-R : Cheeky Egg, Morientez & Clarity

Ok i have news lah kan that "D" and me (Ms Clarity) Have the same looks in other words we kinda look alike..betul kah that?? cuba tengok betul2...wah gigi keluar semua sama...then rambut belah tengah all same pipi gebus also the same so i guess boleh lah we pass as the same as but not alike :) and of course our darling pweety kissmet...kisses all over everyone :) NICE!

Yang ni...ermnnn..not sure what to comment but one look trully terkezoot or lost and the other two just relaxing taking the cue to pose for the camera the other one is somewhat in her world of her own.....tada!!!! :)

Take 1, Take 2 & Take 3

macam nobody peduli me kan taking pictures...shikes! :(

With me and morientez...take 1, not enough, take 2 also not enough take 3 just barely satisfied but can do lah for now hahaha :)

mummy dearest mesti take picture with her ...sebab...its a MUST! ;)

Ok here is our latest addition to our members club and thats "D" she's alsready starting on her blog but so far we see only ghost :) hahahaa so maybe later she will expose more of her Initial D self to us :) welcome onboard "The Jambus" D ;) and as for pretty Kissmet...she's mastering the art now so keep on clicking ;)

As for me and ms. danne ..its one of our must do pose the killing two birds with one stone photo taking technique...whenever we are out with our camera together this pose is a MUST to do :)

Lil Black Dots & me..kirismas indeed :)

I Found out something preety cute about cheeky today....she's not only chubs..but i tell you sooooooooo good to hug her like a teddy bear..gebusssssss VERY! So guys out there if any chance to hug this girl just GO AHEAD!! dont think twice or TRICE just DO IT! Hug cheeky she is sooo huggable :)

Ok ..this is ms. Danne shopping in or not? :) her pump heels matches with the decor on the xmas!


Pweettttyyyy kannnnnnn :)


ok here's the video :)

A lot of versions taken on this picture so i decided to hype it up with a touch of photoshoppe and blazen it with a touch of HDR effect and some ink paint effect so begini lah jadinya :) For a full version just click on this picture and presto you get the actual pic ;)

Lastly...ya lah tuh...i know im LOVED :)

Thanks "The Jambus" for having a wonderful gathering to celebrate our two pinkies december babes was a blast and looking forward to our next birthday bash and you know as well as i know who is NEXT!! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and lets have more of it :) ok visiting blog time...ta ta !

Pink of a day!



Denise said...

* LOlz *
FREE Advertisement of me kah??!?!?
alllll ur pics are very very LOvely!!! * SMOOches *

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

hahahaha ya free advertisement :)