Thursday, 27 December 2007

G spot...where art thou?

Dear Dr. XYZ:

My question is what exactly is the G-spot that people talk about? And where is it supposed to be on a woman's body? Perhaps some guys already found it, but I don't know what or where it is. Can you help me?

*Ms. ABC*

Dear Ms. ABC:

You deserve to have all that the wonders of sex can give ... ahem ..ahemm...including the quest for the G-spot and the rewards of finding it!

Although not all experts in the field of sexology agree that this area actually exists in a woman's body, I thoroughly believe it is there and can be stimulated as a component for supreme pleasure. It is often identified as the urethral sponge -- a soft area that is palpable, just about a third of the way up on the front wall and best located when a woman is aroused. It pulses slightly when touched and rubbing on the area can produce glorious sensations and eventually a feeling of orgasmic release.

Women have reported that they have experienced a significantly different kind of orgasm or release with intense stimulation of their G-spot. I prefer to think of it as a region, not a spot. Serious sexual research suggests that many women have this capability. Your partner may need to be guided to locate and manipulate this area to your satisfaction. Exploring this possibility will add fun and new pleasuring options for you and your honey. So go for it!

Oklah...Go go girl power! Hahaha


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Vous êtes une fille sale

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

Je suis une souillé jeune fille , mais et vous? said...

I suis une femme au sang chaud!

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moi aussi! hahaha :)