Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Tu me manques...

I'm feeling very French these days....knowing that "him" is far and away from me but thank goodness for the IR service of our Telephone Provider, made it all so possible to feel that we are in fact just an sms away from each other. Starting from when "him" left for the airport and to where he was supposed to be going to celebrate his christmas...it was SMS, WIFI , SMS and WIFI and SMS all the way up till now..so it was never a lost moment to spare and im feeling happy that we have this arrangement for i wouldnt want to not know if he is safely back at his hometown or not so this way im rest assured to know he is fine and doing ok :)

Actually I didnt know when is the exact time he was leaving for he was quite occupied with his work the past few days and was quite busy before he have to leave for his 14 days vacation so it was just an estimation from my side then he went to suprise me with an MMS and done nearly made me cry, well cry coz i know i miss him and him suprising me with his picture which i know very unlikely that he will do such a thing and when he did it made my heart just skipped a beat...I truly under estimated his capabilities to make sturdy things like my emotions rock like the waves of the ocean is just something thats out of this world. And neither do i anticipated telling the whole world about how im feeling at the moment....but it's just something that i need to just let our of my chest and feel better. Besides it's Christmas Time and wanting to be with our loved ones on this occassion is enough to make one feel very mellow when the other half is not present. So that is why im blogging about it to keep me sane and be more focus of whats available and be very very very patience about things.

With all the transits he had to make before reaching his destination he was online with me at the airport and it was a nice feeling to know that the technology we have today is not all too bad after all. Considering he can be online at the airport just wt his cellphone or his laptop and talk to me on skype and with cam too and i was so happy to see him on the cam looking very much alive and well. We managed to talk for a few hours on the skype while waiting for him to go onboard the plane and after that it was all SMS(s) which was just as good as skype.

So he finally arrived at his destination on christmas eve and i got his christmas eve wish via sms and this morning he wished me Merry Christmas and i wished him that too so it was tremendously delighting me very much :) It's a Christmas gift for both of us to be together indeed in any way possible.

So anyhow, i finally had enough letting out my heart's content for this christmas blue that im having but on the happy note..i guess it's just a matter of time until "him" & "her" are together again :)

Counting the days......



alice.in.wonderland07 said...

Qui est cet homme inlove avec vous?
Quel est son nom?
At-il un frère?

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

oui nous sommes inlove à l'un l'autre vraiment :)