Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Something wild for the restless heart in KK:)

I was thinking what i wanted to write about today well actually since last night i was thinking about what to write in here and so finally i have an idea...

Well ms.danne and myself were talking just before we left for our jog and suddenly we have an insight of something thats very imaginative to my ticking mind....and its ticking on the H- mode side of my brain and enough said, my brain was doing overtime last night thinking more of what was discussed that evening...

For people whom are married or involved wt someone, the intimacy part is something of a common bond shared by both parties and so i have gathered much more information on this matter just as to prepare myself for more intimacy tips and blunders and the whole stock and barrel.

And so I went snooping :)

First Target --> Married person(s)

the conversation goes like this...

Me: so, Jaded how bout now when you are married does the H-mode is still up all the time or just sometimes when we touch kinda thing?

Jaded: For me, ermn...its not an issue its up all the time...

Me: oh ya kah? Good, Good...coz i would have thought that after having a baby or two things would be slowing down on the passionate and hot steamy roll on the bed usually experienced by newly married couples or very much involved couples.

Jaded: It depends on the individual really...in other words "wild in Bed" is the key word here...and also "for me....saya tidak bulih tuh......saya always mau" (with her matter-of-fact kinda look)

Me: Interesting....can you tell us a few example?

Ms. Danne: yeah .for instnce..define wild?

Jaded: Oh...wild in bed or out of the bed could be anything really ....for instance think shower..think dripping of water over the body ..think drape in a towel....then meshed everything all together you get a sexy image of water droplets dripping onto bodies and droplets shimmering and glazed over the body could just definately spell ONE thing.....WILD and in or out of bed it doesnt matter as long as it is wild!

Me: (Jaws dropping out wt mouth wide oppened)

Ms. Danne : (Cant really see her coz she is hiding her face perhaps from blushing or laughing or amazement....I DONT KNOW!) hahaaahha

Summary : WILD is definately running in both our minds and JAded seemed so jaded in her explaination that its funny altogether :)

So what did we learn here?

That we want and always want and the one that dont want well thats something else and my next quest for laters is gonna be a question like.."why you dont want?" but this one is of course i need to do a little bit more study on this matter ....so given time, this subject will surface again and i will have my wonderful results as to why we want and why we dont want..if you dont undertsand what it is that "want" refers to in this conversation..i sudgest you guys need to have an appointment with mrs. Jaded, then i'm pretty sure you guys will have a better insight what is it that you guys want ...hahahaha

Oklah..right now..i also want.....haiyah!!

This Clip below sudgest what i want right now....

Jaded ohhh Jaded...u have jaded me for my mind is jaded with thoughts of wild things....but in the end....I still want! hahahhahahah

Jaded out!



ms_danne said...

I want too!! I want hot, steamy, WILD, passionate and unforgettable Chocholates.. There.. I've said.. and I always want.. and I can't never say noo to it.. it's just too damn irresistable! LOL V(^_^)V

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

Im sensing that i need to read between the lines with this kind of comments....coz its all dobles meaning in here hahahhaha