Monday, 31 December 2007

Mewot the Coconut Biscuit maker :)

My sister “Gothica Mewot” has a hidden talent She is actually a good cookie maker...hehehe Sheis really not a domestic kinda person but when she get s down to making cookies she knows her stuffs on this department. On boxing day she slave herself at the kitchen on her solo attempt from A-Z doing her coookie thingy and it turmed out to be a BOMB!
SO here are the pictures of her getting down to making the “Coconut Cookie” The reason she is bakin git is coz she is giving it to her japanese lecturer who was not feeling well and gonna vsit her and the cookies are like “get well soon” token from her J but she put a lot of effort to it and that's really nice and you dont get to see my sister slavering herself in the kitchen like that if its nothing to do with a good cause... so this is a good cause...
Ok check out the pics ;)
The main ingredient for her cookies which is coconut :)

Mewot the stirrer is hard at work with her cookies ;)

The dough mixed with coconut

The coconut cookie just before baking :)

So we should actually call it gothica coconut cookies for gothica gal is the one baking it hehehe :) it's the yummiest ;)



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