Thursday, 13 December 2007

Secret Recipe - Part II

Sometimes things are just up in the air and things becomes too stressful to even make way for us to even have a bit of time to think about other things so Tonight...Ridz1 ,ms. danne and myself got us a griping place to just lash out our stress and botled up condition and indulged in our crazy urged for food that can make us forget about WORK & other related matters all in all my cheezy yummy carrot cheeze cake was the yummiest!! and also ms. danne's and Ridz1's Tiramisu was a mind bogling experience as well so here are our crazy secret indulgence scenes :)

Thank you again to our solicitor and advocates our partner in all good deeds and food indulgence inteligence Ridz1 for taking us both to our secret food going crazy place which was Secret Recipe! Merci Ridz1!

gripes & glories :)

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