Sunday, 23 December 2007

Gothica Day! 2007

I finally got my wish and thats to have a Gothica photoshoot wt my sister and its not an easy task as we have to dress pretty much in black with bling blings, dark eye shadow and mascara and by the way, my black Tee is courtesy from ms. Danne (Thank you very much sweety *wink* ) and the rest is just gothicly inspired by some megs. Anyhow, myself and sister have been facinated by the gothic chick looks so we tried not much gothicly done but stilll we are mild kinda Gothic i think hehehe..well check this out ;)

Pictures taken by my hand (hahaha)

Pictures taken by "stormtom"

L-R: Clarity, Reno & Mewot
Pictures taken by "stormtom"

My brother, Reno Take 1, Take 2 and Take3!

here is "Stormtom" & me

Gothica Day!

Claritica! (hehehe)

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