Monday, 12 May 2008

Sungai Buloh - is where the flowers grow :)

This is another one of our unplanned trip again and this time we went to Sungai Buloh, close to the Leporacy Centre nearby Jalan Hospital. I was told that some of the people working for the nursery for these plants and flowers are done by some of the people affected by these disease but they are infact beautiful people and these flowers they grow just shows how beautiful they are :)

here is the location map of where sungai Buloh is and i recommend all orchid enthusiast to come to this place and also photographers coz this place is just beautiful with all the flowers and orchids just waiting to be photogrpahed! hehehe :)

Then here is the area where the orchids and floers are arranged in a way that you can spot them all the way from the road .

i love greens :)
here is one of the nursery we visited

beautiful ain't it how they are all arranged by the road side to catch passers by eyes to come and buy them....which in this case we did bought some :)

we bought one of these butterfly orchids so hopefully they'll grow as big as this one :)



Purple + White

all white :°)

the street

another view from the street

again another view from one of the street

So when we bought some orchids and some green plants for the condo we also need to buy some pottery supplies as well as some black soil and fertilizer for the plants so we went to the pottery place just happens to be everywhere around this area as well :)

beautiful pottery

these are mossy placments for the orchids, creative isnt it!
this one is my favourite...just that i hope they didnt have to kill them big snails to do this :)

i love cactus too, thought of making a small collection for myself here since its so easy to maintain and all.

them snailly pots!

and finally mon coeur in green :) we both wanted to buy one bonzai tree and we have as much as chosen the perfect one for our condo and then we went to look for other things and forgotten all about our chosen bonzai tree :( so so sad.... huhuhu... how can we forget ??

anyways here are some of the plants and orchids we have at the condo we bought from The Taman Orchid Negara and also from the flower Nursery @ Sungai Buloh :)

some of the greens

our orchid collections

and finally...leave you guys with this beutiful sunset i caught while potting and so i share this view with all of you! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Love always,


Anonymous said...

Im from sg buloh and u have captured the essence of our little garden beautifully. Thank you :)


ClarityDefinesYou said...

Thanks for the compliments, i like sungai buloh very much that is why its so easy to express my appreciation to this place with my photographs> Thanks once again for visiting my blog! :)