Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A taste of spicy Vietnam :)

Last friday Mon Coeur wanted to treat me to a French Restaurant but unfortunately its closed and yet again. I'm thinking that they may have "gulung-tikar" But anyways, it was a bit late around 9.30pm already and most restaurants in Bangsar is starting to close. So we went by the Moroccan Restaurant that we had dinner at about 2 months back and was a fantastic spread of moroccan food indeed. Then Mon Couer said lets have some asian food so we did and went to the vietnam food restaurant called "CHUNGDIHN VIETNAM RESTAURANT" at One Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Was a cozy restaurant but something about the waiter that i really really dont like :( its bad enough that we cant hardly understand what he was trying to say for his english is gosh just simply really hard to understand. Then came the food....well told him i want all my food to not have chillie and the moment i put one in my mouth it was really super dupper hot! enough said i didnt enjoy my food much afterwards coz my tongue was massacred by the hot chillie present in my food saddddd :(

If i could taste better im sure the food would have tasted lovely and i mush say the chillian red wine was alright too. One plus for that restURnt at least.

so here are the pics of the food.....mind you the quality of these pictures are just as bad becaus i only brought my cellphone camera so WARNING! bad quality pictures are next................. :)

The setting and the cozy place

Seafood and Chicken Spring Roll = very spicy the dipping sauce was :(

Not too bad this chillian wine cost a bomb though = RM130.00

Grilled Lemon Grass Beef = RM21.90

SauteedDiced Beef = RM33.90

So all in all in a not so ok kinda meal the only good thing is the wine was nice thats all i can say!

lost in spices!

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