Friday, 9 May 2008

Orchid Garden, Kuala Lumpur

Last saturday after going to Alliance ffrancais at jalan Gurney we headed home coz had plenty much things to do at home and so we busily doing work from home and suddenly at around 4pm we decided to go check out The Orchid Garden at Taman Tasik Perdana; ane below are the pics taken during that day :)

The Location

The Entrance. Mon Coure was looking at the routes that is available for the drop of zones for visitors that came by bus so Mom this is going to be one of ur visit destination when you come and visit me here coz i am very sure you will like it here :)

This is my favourite orchid and so we bought this orchid for our condo :)

love the beautiful orchid display so rich with colours and very well maintained too.

The lanscaping also proves to be very delightful and pleasant to the eyes. helps to distress our mind a lot going to places like this the tranquility speaks for itself when you breathe the sense of these orchid flowers around you.....a very relaxing place to be for sure.

this is also one of the nice ones they have there and plenty of vibrant colours to cheer you up!

there were so many of them beautiful and colourful orchids so i made a collage for all of you to see the collection.

this one here explains the various view of the garden and from the garden.

And cant help take pics of these lovely mushies :)

and finally happy me and mon coeur as we get to go out and smelll the flowers and in this case its smelling the orchids :)

Theres plenty more gardens we are going to visit so stay tuned peeps! :)

A bientôt!

C & R

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