Friday, 9 May 2008

Dinner for Two :)

i can never do a good soup and it happens to be my favourite food for dinner its not only filling but also healthy. Usually mon coeur will prepare this and i just watch and observe for its facinating how its been done and surely the end results is surely yummiest too. This particular soup, mon coeur cut up some pumpkin, potatoes , brocolli and some carrots and place them in a large bowl pour some water and off they go in the microwave. Then after several minutes all the veges are soft and mushy he then use the food processor to make pureee of the the whole vege mix; After that he adds some creame cheese and process the food again until it looks really really creamy and soft and then finally season it with pepper and salt and finally the finished product!

fruits & Vege salad + mixzd vege soup


cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, green leafy salad & apples + mon coeur's own salad mix dressing

The supy soup!

here is our dinner :)

C & R

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