Thursday, 8 May 2008

So I'm back to school :)

At least for a couple of months :) it's all good really and my classes are bit crazy for the time being but i managed. As i have mon coeur to help me get where i need to go for now but today is a challenge for me for my evening classes as i have to go on my own! Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! i have to go to AF at Jalan Gurney instead of the Help University Campus they have in Bandar Damansara. My aunt was telling me good luck in reaching your destination in one piece AND on time as the time i'm to leave my place is during the peak time of jam going on in KL. Im going to take the taxi, and my aunt laughs again coz she said good luck getting into one during peak hours......erggggghhhh s what time then?? so i decided to go at 4PM and see how it goes....wish me some goody luck peeps :)

here is the course i'm going to be attending tonight for i am already 1 month late to all classes got to do some big time catching up!

Bonne Chance to me! :(


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