Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Visiting Batu Caves.....

1st of May what more to do then go out and smell the roses :) Which in our case, mon coeur & myself decided to head to Batu Caves and since it was my first time i was indeed overly excited :) So to go to Batu Caves from where we are located was not that far at all since its still on Ipoh Road so which means its just about 20 to 25 minutes away. The wikepedia map above shows where Batu Caves is actually located.

The first sign that tells us that we are at the right path is this picture here....i was telling myself if there is some limestone caves then this must be the place.

Then we saw this statues :)

Before we entered the place, Mon Coeur suddenly remembers that he's got a friend that he knew about 10 to 12 years ago whom he met in France and in Malaysia. So we went snooping around for his friend which we thought is impossible to still be there after all this while but we ask around and we askzd for "chris" but when actually later i found out that his name was actually "Krishnan " So we had the shock of our life when in fact Krish is now the sole owner of "Cave Villa" in Batu Caves and quite an intreprise person :)

Cheers to their long lasting friendship :)

The entrance

and.....here is what you can find inside the Cave Villa!

I saw a lot of Lord Siva :)

And what temple do not have their special ornaments particularly the infamous snakes. mind you one of these snakes are one of the culprit that done nearly murdered me _ years ago i think it was.... but no worries... i have made my PEACE with them ;)

We also have the opportunity to view some Indian Cutural dance performance which i also like as its so vibrant and colourful. The tentalising sounds of their cultural music beats just tentalised our ears and feasting our eyes tot he delightful dances by Sita Dewi

and these are some of the random shots i took of the cave inside and outside of Batu Caves

the place also have a few collection of birds particularly colourful parrots, then ducks ane monkeys :)

here is us trying to handle them parrot birds mind you their claws are something coming out of freddy cruggers stories heheheh

And here is the some koi fishies from Batu caves as well.

and here random pictures of Krish , his family and us :)

It was a wonderful and eventful day for both of us at Btu Caves particularly for mon coeur and his friend Krish for it gives them the opportunity to rekindle back their friendship that was always there and a great experience for me for i have always wanted to go to Batu Caves since i've only read about it on books so i have one of my dreams realised now :) I'm a happy girl indeed :)

looking forward to another adventure from both of us


Love always,

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