Sunday, 27 April 2008

Turn back the clock..To Ms. Danne's Farewell :) - 4th April 2008

fresh lagi nie....wait till you see the end...hehehe

Ok mamam time see semua mouth pun busy mucnhing about :)

More munching scenes...

drinking scenes....

sembang scene

Picture session begins....

The Toast of good luck for our dearest ms. danne :) all the best from all of us ;)

then the tipsy side effect begins....

at the same time...present opening with lots of butterflies as well as card reading :)

The troope!

Just for kicks...hehehe

Ok now we are talking about red faces and juling eyes...hahaha kidding :) good luck sweetheart and i know you will be ok and good things surely come ur way which it did ;)

Love always,

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