Tuesday, 1 April 2008

something extra wonderful :)

Mon coeur suprised me with something he did at his place last night he cook a fish dish with white wine which look really yummy. I remember we bought the Argentinian White Wine @ the Bangsar Village Grocer and they let us taste the wine before we purchased it and it was a nice and sweet one. The wine is called "Trapiche" - Sauvignon Blanc. So , mon coeur was using this wine to create this recipe...Ermnnn about the recipe...hmn..well I dont know what its called and neither did mon coeur (hahaha) so we just call it Ray's Fish in white sauce and White Wine recipe :) ..he told me that when he got back from work yesterday, suddenly he was inspired to cook something special and would show it to me. I guess this food picture taking phenomenon is catching up and certainly mon couer is having the effect of it from me :) I told him before that this picture taking thingy has its way of creeping into one skin and before too long you are hooked with the sensation of taking beautiful and drooling food pictures.....and it certainly catch up on my darling mon coeur :) here's the picture that he gave copy rights for me to blog about it :) Merci Beaucoup mon coeur, et gros bisous pour toi!

He also mentioned to me that he will be cooking the same dish when we have our dinner for two again next :) looking forward to it already .....emuah!

It's really nice when two person share the same interest and in this case we are both into fine dining , cooking and wine and also photography. So, from time to time mon coeur will be one of the contributing author as well as photo provider to this blog so it's double the fun now :)

Anyhow, hope you guys enjoy the pics :) and...

passe une bonne journée!

Mon coeur & Clarity

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Ms eNVy said...

The dish looks so good! .. Tht guy is a keeper .. because he can cook! ;)