Sunday, 20 April 2008

Just a quick Hello...

Hi peeps!

Just a quick post from me just to tell everyone that im still very much alive just been busy doing chores heheheh :)

contributing factors making me stay away from posting on my blog :-

1. I have a shitty Desktop computer that works like a snail and wont upload pictures more then 200kb (hahaha) ya im laughing right now! :O(

2. been trying to pack..since i have very limited time to do my packing and moving so been otherwise occupied doing that. I have less then a week to pack and go but my percentage of packing is just about 2%...erghhhh! I feel like i wanna bring my whole room, when i only have 15kg of baggage weight to carry my stuffs! crap!
i wanna bring my whole room!!! Helpppp! :((

3. In the midst of me being so occupied doing chores+packing i managed to slip in a few TV viewing which is a shoking bit for me as i've abandoned watching TV programmes as well as reading the news paper coz its too depressing. So this little2 time spare i tried watching AStro and i find that I LOVE the AFC channel = Asian Food Channel on channel #703 on Astro. If you are a food lover i sudgest go watch this programme, enough to make me think i can cook like a chef! Kononlah hahahah <---{mintak puji and perasan tuh}

4. what else..oh ya spend some quality time with my dog :( so sad i cant bring Ob -chan with me...mwahhh wawawa (crying big time) i cant imagine im going to be seperated with my ob -chan! i dont know how im going to take this in...but knowing that he will be at home and looking after my family for me is enough to make me feel a bit better....goshhh this is going to be harder then i thought....mwahhh wawawa (crying big time) adoiiii how lah this :((

5. Oh for brunnete beauty...before i terforget...well thru bad times and good times althought its more bad times then good times i still look at the good part of things so i hope we stay in contact and just be skypey buddies for always..lah kunun !! but like i said "This is it!" so hopefully that will be "IT" kan kan kan Morientez and ms danne....hahahahhaahhah!! No more crocodiles tears!! hahahahahahaa

6. Ok nothing to gripe abot anymore...except that..yeah no more work stress im free from the load and gosh im having a good time! :P and to all my pals at work...i misssssss you guys so belly much! i misss talking with you guys...miss chatingg with you guys miss lunching with you guys...oklah i misssssssssssssssssssssss everything with you guyssssssssssssssssssss huhuhu.......but i guess goodbye doesnt mean we will catch up and meet up and have good times again although maybe in a different sitiuation and lifestyle and who knows one or two of the "jambus gals" might just get hitched this year or next ;) Hint! Hint! sayangggg pretty kissmet *mwahhh*

7. Just simply....

"I miss my work buddies :( and i miss my jambus clan and i miss my environment" I miss you, you and you...and you guys know who you are im sure of that

oklah....time for me to say adios for now but i will update a bit more before this...just that my pc is just shitty very frustrating to do any posting :( anyhooo....looking forward to seeing you guys soon..i mean really sooon ! @ the mean time...muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! to each and every one of you!

Peace and out!


Oh..before i is a picture of me for all of you just a smile :) if my computer lets me upload lah...will see! take care poeeps!!

Love always......


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[Large and in charge] said...

Alala, sedih pulak your post ni ya. What is it they say, jauh di mata but dekat di hati. All the best to you in the big city. :P