Sunday, 13 April 2008

Happy Birthday Nadya & Tasha

Toaday managed to slip for a little while to visit the Birthday girls/sisters Nadiyah & lil sis Tasha for their double duo celebration...but unfotunately i came by too late and just managed to get a few shots of bubbly "nadiyah" out walking at the great outdoor of Tanaki and also tiny candy lil sister Tasha. Two words describes this two. Sunshine and Smiles! cant help but smile when we see both of them especially bubbly when she is now starting to speak out loud...she is really am the mom kept reminding me that bubbly reminds her of me when i was a tiny tot like her chubs and shy :) just as it is these two spells happiness all over their parents face :) are the pics enjoy!! :)
Nadiyah and the smiley gang having yumy snacks

Out enjoying the outdoor while auntie clarity and big Daddy were having a little chat :)

Here is cutesy Baby Tasha and mummy dearest :)

here's my lil princess...happy birthday darling dearest! emmuahhhh!

slimmer we :) hahahah Big Daddy and Clarity :)

Happy Birthday indeed for the tiny tots :)

Love Always,



[Large and in charge] said...

Awesome pics Clarity, thanks for being there! :D

Will be waiting to try out your lasagna before you hit the big city.

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

yups no farewell party would only consist of western food clarity style :)hahaha ;)