Sunday, 27 April 2008

My Farewell Party @ home with my sugar babes :)

The food spread

The all around the world food ..hehehe

Sugar babes shot # 1

Sugar baes shot #2

My chatting session with the babies ...we were discussing about how sweet the cake was :)

Smileys... :)

This one is a wonderful shot taken by Big Daddy @ Nash :) good one :)

To get this picture taken...mewot has to take extra measures as to trick Nadiyah to look at the swiveling LCD screen of the camera and when she look at herself at the screen she smiled and thats when Mewot click the shutter button..clever girl, have to deal cleverly by another clever gal heheheh :)

I like this picture also coz Mewot dont smile much so this is one forced one i think hahaha..but anyhow..she was collecting baby shots all night...hmn...maybe her motherly instinct finally coming out of the closet! hahahaha!

This is my favourite picture of natural and mind you...this is Uncle Bubu and his niece Nadiyah ...i was thinking about it and realised about the pangkat of this two in the family tree cool is that :)

So all in all..wanna thank all my aunts and uncles who made it possible for me to have the party at home bringing them beautiful and yummy food as well thank you very much and no worries i will still be back not going too far just an air asia away hahhah :)

Thank you everyone and especially goes to my mom and dad and my siblings, for making it possible for me to have this party going especially to my mom, love you very much and i promise to look after myself well when im there.....but right now i need help with packing!!! hahahah!

Over and Out!

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the vixen said...

crap! i got so tanned after my osland trip!

it was great with all the kids in the house! its been a while since storm was a baby :(

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

yes storm has evolved into a hurricane now hahahaa :) those were the days :((