Saturday, 26 April 2008

Morientez...Thank you!!


Live Life like a butterfly live to the fullest as Life is too short so Take a Chance !

Be the "STAR" that always shines!

Its not everyday that we get to know someone that we can really count on to give you a little push when you need one and a little bit of consolling when you truely felt things are just down there on the ground...And a lot of cheers when you least expected so this is my friend Morientez...been thru thick and thin with her adn she is the most remarkable person i ever known and met and no matter where i am i will always remember her and will think positively in life and im rich because i have a friend like her! Thank you much for everything morientez..and hope we will forever be friends and be there for each other like we always do no matter how far we are :)
When i think of you...i will always think of courage and patience and a strong willed person and i will always be thankful to have that sort of influence in my life!
Last but not least...Love you always my dear friend!

Morientez's Favourite words for me....
It's now or Never!

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