Monday, 18 October 2010

on another note....

 Finally last friday, Dh brough with him a package he got from work and he said ah i'm sure this is what you have been waiting for...and i just knew what it was :))

The package!

My favourite goodies  were in it packed especially for me and DH by our dear friend Philippe in France!!These Barres of sweetness is just delicious and you can make them into anything and as for me i put them in my Tiramisu and also yougurt just to have flavour in them coz these sweets are actually highly concentrated fruits and they are 100% natural fruits, bio and more so they are sugar free! They are very good treats for kiddies too :)
Oh! thank thank you thank you philippe for getting this package to us! 
merci beaucoup and we sure to treat you when we are back in France this december :)

 just to show you the quantity is and its a lot!! about 30 all of them i think it was with all our favourite flavour such as Framboise, peach and Fraise (strawberries)

Once again, merci beaucoup Phillipe!!

À bientôt

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