Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 1 - Rome Trip - Arrival Day :)

Ok Day 1 of our Rome Trip!

We are lucky enough to get a deal flight + hotel + car rental all in one package and it was awesome although it a bit crowded in the begining with all our luggages and all but we manage :)
We had a Fiat Panda for the whole time during our vacation here in Rome Italy and of course with our ever so faithful GPS system that helps us to locate just about anywhere we wanted to go so that was a double bonus indeed :)

The pilot and the co pilot :) DH and John :)

And the two sisters round the back with all the luggages but it's ok it's just up to the ride to the hotel of course :)

Off we go! On Va Sortir!

I nearly miss to take pictures of road signs, i barely caught this one hehehe

all the way on the side of the road you can see the famous coquelicot fleur which is almost in all famous paintings in Italy :) well i guess now i know why  hhehe

after about 30 minutes or so we arrived to our Hotel which happens to be a brand new hotel  ( i loveeee new hotels) and its beautiful with the flower gardens and quiet in the evening and a wonderful spread of breakfast and wonderful service with the staff at the hotel and mostly we had a wonderful spacious rooms and especially for the newly weds :)

Millie and John posing in front of the Hotel

me and DH :)

on the side of the hotel

around the lobby they have this wonderful carvings of historical monuments placed on the walls which i find very beautiful indeed :)

The entrance door to the hotel

Even the lift is decorated with the carvings of the colleseum :)
The alley going to the basement car park

Millie posing with a Lavender patch just outside the hotel

The rose garden

Flowers are just everywhere in this hotel

and so was pollen heheheh
 DH was having an awful time fighting off pollen ellergies and thank god for his ellergies tablets he is all fine. Phew!

The modern style room and the toilet all brand new as this hotel just opened a few weeks back actually.

And after we have settled down in our hotel it's time to have our lunch and Mc D' it is :)
And so i took the opportunity to fish eyed these wedded bliss newly wed couples :)And here is where millie find out that eating in a Mc D' with a possibile mafia owner is not a good idea after all! so she vowed she will not go to that particular Mc D' again hahahahahah

ah well stay tuned and to be continued....
Big Bisous!

À bientôt


Shirley S Wong said...

so cute yg last pic tu hehehe

ClarityDefinesYou said...

hahaha ya, sa pun suka tuh sa ada ni camera kecil yg boleh buat gbr cam tuh bah so saya selalu buat funny2 pics mcm ni hehehe