Tuesday, 12 October 2010

first day paris

so here is our "Touch -Down" snap kunun :)

After touching down in Paris about 7am, we head our seperate ways with Philippe but we will meet up again later for dinner with the Sangs :)

so we head out to our Ibis hotel...FYI i love ibis hotel when it comes to one night stay in Paris as it is convenient and further more it is a 100% non -smoking hotel so you will always feel at ease no smokey smell and FREE Internet and nice breakfast as well :)

After a few hours of rest at the hotel we head out to down town paris for our Lunch. Saw this nice looking tree means that summer is approaching :)

Then on our way, we saw this which I find very appropriate for we are on our way to go and fetch the newly weds arriving at Gare Du Nord  with Eurostar from Londres.

While waiting...we decided to take pics of ourselves just to past the time :)

Us again and after finding out that the train is going to be delayed we decided to go have yamcha with philippe who is also at the Gare to greet the newly weds with us :)

Ahhhh...finally the newly wedded bliss couple arrived and the funny thing is i didnt see them and philippe and Ray are the once who saw them coz i'm too short and everyone was touwering over me and finally i got through and snap this candid pic of them just for rememberance sake :)

And then we head out to Hipopotamus for our dinner and the sangs belanja us...thank you so very much John and Millie and btw, the Tilaphia goreng was delicious no? i was so suprised to find it in the middle of paris and so we got that for dinner and it was fantabulous and terus reminds us of home....huhuhu

to be continued....

À bientôt


Shirley S Wong said...

cilla u look so pretty here...^_^
c mille tu p honeymoon kah tu?

ClarityDefinesYou said...

Hi Shirl! cantik lah mengkali kesejukkan adalah hehehe. Kalau sa di Paris, sa suka tengok gadis2 sini punya pakaian and cara2 durang bergaya2 tapi just for my referrence kalau mau beli2 baju :)

Ya si Milly and hubby dia pigi London for their honeymoon but kami kasi continue durang punya honeymoon pi Rome and Paris lagi as our wedding present to them and it was beautiful and adventure sekali hehehe :)