Tuesday, 12 October 2010

flying to ROME

After a good night rest in Paris the next day we head out to Paris CDG airport at around 5am in the morning as we have an early flight leaving at 8.30am to ROME!!!

Yes this is actually our wedding present for my sister and hubby John on their recent marriage and since they are already heading up to London so we made them took the Eurotrain and join us in Paris and so today is the begining of their Honeymoon (in french Lune de miel) and our Rome Vacation ! we were in Rome for 5 days and it was a blast :)

Look at DH sleepy face heheheh..@CDG Airport checking in to our morning flight.

The Lune de Miel couple :)

The honeymooners and the vacationer!
I fisheyed us this early in the morning just to make some fancy shots hehehe

Ahh ok a nicer version :)

Thank god we get to go and have our breakfast at the airfrance lounge coz when we boarded our flight that took about 2hours plus we were told that there will be no breakfast serve as the people who were supposed to prepare the food  are on strike! yikesss! All we had were some mineral water all through the journey. But i must say since the flight was so early most people on board were all sleeping including DH :))

Final picture of DH  before we took off!

see you in Rome!!!!

Big Bisous!

À bientôt

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