Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Departure story....

Just like my sister said in her blog about my departure to KL that I was being a baby for wanting them to stay until my final call for boarding...i know its sounded mean but the fact that its not everyday that you get to be a baby and make people do what you want them to do and that's coz I decided to be a baby for the day....so it was not such a bad thing really ...i find it really nice that my baby sister decided to be the elder sister and take charge of things ...and I secretly loving these moments as I have the two person that I love most with me and just enjoying time together. And I also found out that me mom put some mango sumi jelly in my back pack poket for me to enjoy during my flight. It’s my favourite desert!!...isnt that sweet or what?? I love my mummy *muahhh* At this age, well at my age that is, getting small and cute treaties like these really meant a lot and it stays in ones mind for a long long time as its really a nice feeling of being cared for J so heres emmuahhhh for my mummy dearest!

my mom and sis

Gothically Mapsy :)

moi :)

my sis and me

Well my baby sister even went as far as carrying my bag for me...oh what a “kodak moment” this is very RARE occasion indeed i couldnt take pictures of her dragging on my bag to the check –in counter and even carried up to the bag placement for cargo coz I didnt want to spoil the moment and who knows she just might suddenly wake up from being nice to being her badself and throw the bag at me instead *ha ha ha* so I didnt take the risk of taking pictures of her doing deeds to me so I can only describe how nice she is to me ....dearest baby sister *emmuahhhh* so nice of her...ok ok get on with my departure story...so its a few more minutes before boarding time so we decided to head for the Terminal 2 restaurant which is.....ermnnn I fogot the name of it hahahaha...anyhow these pictures should tell much of the stories

ikan Tengiri masak asam pedas

Singapore Bi Hoon

"Boxing Chicken Wings"

The food was yummy actually...i had the singapore Bi Hoon goreng , while sis had the Asam pedas Ikan Tenggiri with rice and finally mom just had some “Boxing Chicken Wings” which I think is delish! Then we all swap foods testing one anothers dish and all around it was yummy...direct quote from my sis...this is the best airport food ever! Shall bring the Mr here to try it out ...although its kinda far out to go to the Terminal 2 airport to eat when you are not flying at all hehehe but all in all its worth it!

Oklah guys.....stay tune to my vacation time in KL!!
Bon voyage!!!



mapsey doodles said...

uahhhh ... i din realize, i musta haf bin sick or something ... but anyway its not asam pedas! its thai style! thai style!! and no worries, after bein in hell for the past few days, i'm back to my 'lovably evillish'self again.

Ms eNVy said...

nice kodak moments :) U make me miss my mom so much! Anyways hope you'll have a great time in KL ;) hugs!