Wednesday, 16 January 2008

2008 for Healthier & Trimmer YOU!

Choose To Lose In 2008!

By Joanne Eglash
eDiets Contributor

Have you devoted an embarrassing percentage of your life to trying to lose weight? I certainly have done my share (all right, I'll be honest: MUCH more than my share!) of counting calories, carbohydrates and/or fat grams; reading the latest fad diet book (remember the gruesome grapefruit and hard-boiled egg regime?!), and alternating between starving and inhaling everything in the refrigerator (yes, I've even experienced the "there's nothing else to eat in the house but maple syrup and diet bread, so break open the syrup bottle!" diet blues).

If you're tired of "trying" to be a loser, how about resolving to make 2008 the year you become a winner? If that sounds good, here's my deceptively simple tip: Focus on eating right to stay energized and healthy. Here are suggestions for five New Year's nutrition resolutions that aren't as hard to keep as you may think.

Resolution 1: Eat a good breakfast! It doesn't have to be elaborate, and it doesn't have to be enormous either. Low-carb dieting makes it easy, from a hard-boiled egg and a slice of cheese when you're on the go, to a blenderized low-carb smoothie that goes down easy and tastes great. All the research reports reveal that you eat less and lose more if you start off the day on the right nutritional foot. Remove the temptation to indulge in a mid-morning doughnut break by sticking to this resolution.

Resolution 2: Eat the veggies. Regardless of which low-carb diet you're following, the majority allow some amount of measured vegetables from a select list. Many low-carb dieters, however, think they'll lose "faster" if they skip the vegetables. Oops. Big mistake. Vegetables fill you up, not out -- and they add variety to your low-carb diet. So go for the green with gusto!

Resolution 3: Take a snack pack with you when you're on the go at work, school or away from home. Whether you enjoy crunching on baked chicken legs or dipping into a low-carb carton of yogurt, make sure to take the time each morning before you leave to fix your "go-to" snack pack!

Resolution 4: Put on your chef's hat! Each week, try a new recipe that is permitted on your diet. Try your local library for hints, ask friends, do an online search or head straight to and look through the many recipes offered on the site.

Resolution 5: Slow down and eat more mindfully. Pay attention to your meal, and don't multi-task by reading, watching TV or paying bills in between bites. Then after you eat, celebrate with a visit to your support team at!

Joanne Eglash is a writer and an editor specializing in health, weight control and fitness. She's written for a variety of publications and websites, ranging from Energy for Women magazine to

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