Sunday, 13 January 2008

My Wolf & I :)

Well I have a bit of time yesterday after reaching home from work and the sun shine was nice and it was a nice afternoon....i dont usually take a nap in the afternoon so i decided to venture out to our front porch and just do some photography....and so my ever so model subject was already hinting that he will behaved so i went to the small gate for OB and let him lose on the frot porch and off he goes roaming at the front porch WHICH he doesnt do much of tht coz front porch of our home is off limits for anyways, had some quality manja time with my wolf and i dont have much of these kind of time with him coz I'm the BOSS so he doesnt mess arounf wt me much coz wt me he always behaves and act accordingly but not when Mapsy (my sister) is around coz then he will be a yappy he is like forever infatuated wt my sister....hahahha

But are the pics :)

Ob-Chan & me



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