Sunday, 4 November 2007

My Birthday Weekend!

Well i'm a year older again and gosh it seemed like yesterday i was just 16...hehehe..But this year alone has been a kinda confusing year for me been going up and down like a yoyo with almost everything in my life. It's just out of this world indeed. I have achieved at least one thing that i most wanted and thats to lose some weight and i did. I still need to lose some but im just happy that i have my visible and tangible assets still intact and going good :) but anyhow i'm also glad that through out the year i didnt have much disaster with my health which is usually the case but thank god this year its been keeping itself good and steadily and i should just owrk on maintaining my health to this level as i possibly can ..not an easy task coz i'm a godoot' and food is just so yummy and so hard to resist BUT if i wanna stay alive i need to cut down on oily food stuffs but maintaining eating spices like curries coz so far it helped me a lot to gain back my appetite. Ok now im i supposed to lose the appetite or to gain ..hahaha But i shall promise to myself that i will practise moderate eating eventhough "heaps" means "hips growing vertically" and its just hard to resist eating heaps of stuffs ..BUT will try my best! Next...well, hopefully i have better luck in love after this 34th birthday of mine and i probably need to "mandi Bunga" or some sort...i dont know ..maybe i should just go who knows something will come out of it. Only god knows i supposed. Ok enough of that, enough said that i hope to have a better start at anything i persue in for the time im in my 34th year, thats all im hoping for!

And without any dilly are the pictures....

well they've got style but unfortunately the fishies ran away from them "pemamcings" coz they are too loud hehehe

So all in all, i had a marvelous time on my birthday and my team ARSENAL could have done worse but at least they had a draw with the "Manure" team hahahaha!
eat your heart out MLYK!! Told you my team will not lose!
ok enough ramblings!

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