Thursday, 1 November 2007

Last Night.....

Last night,I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call,But my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here,
With this blank expression.
And the way I feel,
I wanna curl up like a child.

I know you can hear me
I know you can feel me
I can't live without you
God please make me better
I wish I wasn't the way I am

If I told you once,
I told you twice,
You can see it in my eyes.
I'm all cried out,
With nothing to say.
You're everything I wanted to be.

I need you,
And you need me.
This is so plain to see,
And I will never let you go and,
I will always love you so.
I will...

If you could only see,
Your heart belongs to me.
I love you so much, I'm yearning for your touch.
Come and set me free,
Forever yours I'll be,
Baby won't you come and take this pain away.

coutesy from :P.Diddy featuring Keyshia Cole - Last Night Lyrics

all cried out!

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2 comments: said...

there is a word for ur mood last night.... its called being STROPPY!! aka miserable! Snap out of it ..have a gelato or something! try JLo's old song Feelin' So Good!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

issshh....last night my jiwangness got the better part of me thats why it came out with the Last night thing u know wanna do "tonight ..i celebrate my love ...for you ..with half fried ikan as the main menu" yucks! :|(ms. danne, i know u know this bit ...hik hik hik)