Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Birthday and a reunion :)

April came and we were on the go from day 1!
Attended a birthday party of an old friend/ ex college mate daughter who turned 2 and the little Princess was really a gem!
We not only enjoyed our company there but the food was yummylicious too and mon coeur was helping himself to Samir's delicious 'semlor' a couple of imes and it sure is a hit :)

Here are just a few photo of us that i managed to take and some are from Gail's collection as i didnt managed to take much photo when im trying to catch up with gail after 16 years of not meeting with each other so you can imagine trying to catch up with that gap of time hehehe. But no worries , we'll be seeing a lot of each other now since we are both in the same country and she is my "mummy guru" hehehe :))

Once again thanks Gail and Samir for having us at your home for Tiana's birthday and hope to visit you guys soon again :)

Smiles all the way :)
Photo courtesy from Gail's photo collection

The cheerful and beautiful Princess Tiana who turned two.Hapy birthday little princess :)

Mon coeur finally made this shot of me and gail just before leaving :)

And this one is definitely one for the album and thanks to Samir for the beautiful picture indeed :)
Photo courtesy from Gail's photo collection

Until our next post Cheriooooo!

À bientôt

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