Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wonderful skype confrence!

 One of the most wonderful things that was invented is :

1. Internet

Without these two things i don't think it is possible to communicate with family and friends from all over the world and i am so thankful for this two inventions :)

For example, yesterday, i get to talk to my mom and nephew for a bit and carry on the conversation even when my mom is cooking hehehhe and i can watch her going about in the kitchen cooking and showing me what she's been cooking and all. I find it the most wonderful experience coz i get to see her live and doing about her business like normal and this makes me feeling less anxious or worried about how they are doing back home :)

And the second best thing is that i get to see my dogthat i left under my parents care while I'm abroad and it's so strange that my dog recognises me by my voice and still folllow my commands :)

All in all i had a wonderful chat with my family and hope to do that again soon :)

 Mom and my darling nephew Ferdinand ( I think this one was taken using skype snapshot quite sometime ago)

And these are a photo of my Dog Oberone taken last night while skyping with my family!

Enjoy and see you guys soon for a new update! :)

À bientôt

1 comment:

Bobby said...

Hi, That is great that you can see your family so far away.
We do not know how to use Skype.
Your dog must be a little confused to hear you and not see you.
Licks Bobby