Sunday, 10 April 2011

April Fools Day Dinner hangout :)

It was April Fools night and so we decided to head out to town and get us some delicious meal with some wonderful company :)
My good buddy Calvine whom i met when we were in Angola is living in Dubai too and so it's a way of us celebrating our continued friendship from Angola to Dubai and it exciting indeed :)

The place that we went to have our dinner is actually a Belge Pub and the Cafe there serves yummylicious food and so here are some pictures of us enjoying our food and the guys enjoying their well deserving Beer after they have been deprived of it for a while heheheh

Me and Calvine :)

And another shot of me and Calvine again :)


Daniel showing off his 50cl x2 beer happily heheheheh

My dinner...yummmy

mon coeur's dinner

Mine again :)

Daniel's dinner

and Calvine's dinner :)

And to end this fantastic night with a quick snap of us :)

Until our next post!

À bientôt

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