Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Goodbye Angola! & Hello UAE :)

Finally i have some time or rather the mood to write something on my blog and that's because we have said goodbye to Angola and Hello to Dubai.

Our last ride to Luanda Airport

t didnt take us too long to venture out into Dubai city and of course our first stop is surely Ikea Dubai :) We had to check out this place to get us some supplies for our temporary abode at the moment. So it is busy bee for both of us for now but at the same time enjoying every minute of  our stay here and discovering new things especially when soon we will be discovering parenthood together in this new place we call hme at the moment and making the best of it :)

Overall look of the mall

And here are my deprived food extravaganza :) hehehhe
For all the times we were living in Angola i couldn't get my hands on any of these yummy food and now especially when i am  pregnant, i was going crazy craving for these stuff and in Angola i could only imagine having them  and it was hard....then FINALLY, we move to Dubai and the first chance we get my hubby lets me have my Day by letting me lose at one of the burger king outlet here and  demanded the biggest burger they have and it was like walking on air when I sank my teeth into them XXL Whopper burger!
What a Whopper indeed :) Kept me quiet all the while we were having lunch :)

Here was my handsome XXL Whopper burger...yummmmy!

Then we got busy inside Ikea for a good hour and a half before we had to scoot ourselves to do some groceries shopping.

Although im pretty good at camouflaging my pregnant belly but i sure cant hide my penguin standing position. hahahah :)

Some mug shots of us, Happy in our new place :)

Until our next post, stay tuned folks! :)

À bientôt

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