Monday, 22 February 2010

DAY 53 - Yummy Dinner :)

We had very good salad dinner for the past weeks and this is probably the most we ate because after this we have to wait for at least a week for our next harvest.

The digital farmer himself assembling his yummylicious salad which consist of 
the green salads, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, cheeze and french dressing of his making :)

Ahh...the finished product :)

ready to chow down the salad :)

 ahhh ..look the massacred salad pods :) No worries, they will be right up back the next morning ;)

and after salad we had these..seafood paella :) yumm! yumm! indeed :)

À bientôt


Bobby said...

Every meal you have always looks delicious, you always make me feel hungry.

ClarityDefinesYou said...

hehehhe :) It's good to know that even pictures of the food we make is enough to make you hungry probably even better if you get to taste them no? :)