Wednesday, 24 February 2010

DAY 55 - Le Papillon :)

I came across this movie a long time ago while i was learning my french and it is still in my memory and somehow whenever i listen to this song it makes me smile and just think of happy things and be thankful always.

Hope you guys enjoyed this song as much as i do and one other thing...i had this mp3 song since 2007 and thats during the time me and hubby met and from that on i had this song as my ring tone whenever he calls so i would know that it is my Frenchie that is calling :) Fond memories indeed but guess what? i still have the ring tone with me and it still rings only for my one and only Frenchie :)

Im not sure though where i got the song in the first place perhaps from Amey or Daphne..not sure now :)  But whomever you are...merci beaucoup! :)

 À bientôt


Amylya said...

i think it was from Neil Chan, definitely not from me :)

ClarityDefinesYou said...

oh yesss:: now i remember it is from Neil Chan!!! wah amey, good memory oh you!! thanks for the reminder hehehe :)