Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Junie Meets KL :)

Junie came to KL for a short Holiday with her family and we took the opportunity to meet up and so we did :) We met up in SOGO and all i wanted to eat was Nasi Lemak so we went to Kopitiam and chit chat over our late lunch together :)

Junnie just as she was before with her throaty laugh and nasal sounding voice you can never have any trouble locating her in the big crowd hehehe :)

Our mintak puji pose ! kunun! :p

kepingin to eat curry puff so ini lah kejadiannya :)

This my favourite, favourite dish!!! gosh it does feels like ages since i had one of these so i was very very happy with my food that day ...yummmmmeyy!

Sending Junie off to her hotel so sambil2 tuh ambik gbr dulu infront of Pavillion :)
photographer yg ndak seberapa : mon coeur

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