Thursday, 12 June 2008

Instant Noodles...Yummmmmmy!!!

Was on the phone with my aunt this morning and she asked me what i,m going to have for lunch and i told her just gonna have a simple Instant Noodle and i get a shrieking yucks from her and she went on telling me that its not good to eat instant noodled and stuffs. Ah well, i guess it depends how you prepare the food really and how much of the seasoning from the packet you actually use. So if you add some healthy ingredients to it and do not use the seasoning provided or just use some of it will definately make the simple dish more appetizing and healthy;

So to prove her my point here is my vegetarian Instant noodle Dish courtesy of Cintan Noodles :)

The Ingredients:-
1. Dries anchovies and shrimps
2. cabbage
3. carrot
5. Red Onion
6. and of course....Cintan Instant Noodles - Perisa Sayuran

Voilà! Instant noodles special! hehehe

thats the cintan noodles perisa sayuran i was telling you about :)


Jangan jeles ya ;)

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Malice :)~ said...

wow! mmg nampak sedap!! yummylicious!! Darn u Cilla!! no, i'm still not a convert..hahaha