Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Had a wonderful day :)

Spent the early part of the day at the Hospital doing some tests and after that i had the whole afternoon to myself so i decided to go to Mirdif City Centre Mall and hang out at the Borders bookstore and  seat myself at one of it's comfortable chairs and started to explore the magazines and books available. I was having a ball and i ended up buying a very good book about baby routine and stuffs just part of my welcoming baby preparation :)

Relaxed and contented that i finally got a book :)

 Then i heard my stomach growling so i head up to the costas cafe and got me a nice comfy seat and a carrot cake and a yummylicious chocolate drink :) and start to read my new found book again :)

 My chocolata drink :)

My favourite Carrot cake :) This particular cake reminded me of my mom as we used to hang out back home in Wisma Merdeka and have our lunch and our dessert will always be carrot cake its our favourite cake indeed :) 

Then later that evening guess who came looking for his wife heheh :)
Hubby joined me later that evening as we got a date to meet up at Decathlon to get us some sports gear  and at 7pm sharp, he was already there waiting :)

We continued our date that evening for some light dinner at the food court which was a huge outlet and not may people around coz it was a weekday so we had a sort of a nice quiet evening  there :)

Hubby taking this pic of me trying to figure out what to eat and finally......

 we both settled for  Japanese cuisine that night :)

The huge empty food court...Blisssss!

Another angle of the food court

Another last look of the Mirdif City Centre shopping mall.

Until our next post, Cherioooo!

À bientôt

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