Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ahh..i forgot something....

Before i post our last bit of our Malaysian "Balik Kampung" Vacation here is something that was a surprise to me and also a coincidence and that is to meet up with my old time coursemate buddy from college years Jennet aka nenet :)
i was making backup of my telephone storage and when i was browsing through the folders and i saw this and i remembered how this photo happened to be :)

Coincidentally, my mom went to parked the car somewhere in UMS and suddenly i heard a voice saying "Si Pitch kah tuh"?  and i recognised the voice indeed and it was Jennet's voice and her car was parked just next to us and she saw me from her side mirror hehhhe....we didnt have much time to chat but it's enough to say i've missed her and it was nice to catch up with her after for about 10 long years or so. Phew! what a chance and what luck we have :)
But anyways, Nenet, it was nice to see you and hope our friendship grows just like our age does and hope to visit you and Keningau one day soon :)

gros bise!

À bientôt

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