Thursday, 16 September 2010

2nd Day in KL - Playing Hop on and Hop Off Tourists :)

One of the reason i choose to book us to stay in Piccolo hotel coz of the location. It is so close to all the malls and happenings in KL. One of my favourite is Sungei Wang and DH's fav is Low Yatt. First stop is definately Low Yatt, coz we need to get us some supplies for our IT and mobile stuffs that's for sure we cant find anywhere else in Europe and more so in Africa and Low Yatt being the kingdom of IT and mobile stuffs its one not to be missed indeed. so we went  to get me some add-ons for my Sony Ericsson telephone  So i got me two pairs of the silicone mobile phone protection :) just in case one get ruined heheheh...and got me some cartridges for my tiny photo printer, DH bought his USB telephone charger which was super hard to find one so it was a good visit indeed...but to top everything else that we bought is the big guns of course more lenses for my Nikon D300! hooorahhh! DH is liking very much our new addition to our Nikon family :)

Then after that bit of shopping we went to the Pavillion! :) after walking in the heat we decided to do something we never get to do when we were living in KL 2 years back and that is to be tourists. :))

mon coeur with his new Nikon backpack ready to shoot! hahahah :)

ah...finally i get to use my tiny NEW camera for this leg of our vacation. It's much more lighter then carrying the big ones so that is definitely a job for mon cherie :)

Then we suddenly get an idea to try this which is a superb idea :) because they take you to all the tourist sites and the busses comes every 15 to 30 minutes or so and to that you can hop on and hop off all day long :) and i think it cost about RM32 or something like that cant remember...

Mr Hop on enjoying the bus ride and.....

Mrs Hop off trying out her tiny Oly camera using its lomo settings cooolll!
here is the open air part of the bus :)

Then 2nd leg of the hop on and hop off trip :)
a different bus but still just as nice as the morning ones :)

 enjoying the view and the air conditioning  hik hik hik :)

Bukit Bintang
all these photos are photos taken from the hop on and hop off bus indoors coz it was going to start to rain and all these photos are my DH collections. He just lovessss his KL :)

The durian is a must photo because it is very Malaysian that fruit is :)
china town
Chow Kit Road
Central Market
somewhere in town

and as we reached here it started to rain and as always DH just loves the heavy downpour in Malaysia and me NOT :)

so we took a break at our last hop on and hop off destination which is Suria KLCC and had our Häagen-Dazs coffee break :)

And last but not the least a photo of us with the ever so famous KL Twin Towers and to that we end our hop on hop off day and preparing to meet with our dear friend Philippe for dinner at the Pavillion :)

To be continued....

Big Bisous!!

À bientôt

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