Monday, 10 November 2008

Food for thought :)

I have been writing much about my travellings that i hardly write anything about cooking or food. So this time am going to do one post one what i ate for the past few days and how i made this simple easy to do dishes in less then 30 mins ;)

I think everyone knows Maggie mee and i know rich or poor just about anywhere people still prefer maggie mee to any brands. As for me i like the Maggie Kari version and for normal original recipe i go for Maggie Cintan and as for Mee Goreng i would go for Indomee. I dont know about you guys but my hey-day during college years in U-ITM was built on maggie mee sessions at night where we cant have anything more then maggie mee for some extra food besides what was given at the canteen. At that time its just as simple as Maggie mee and telur and pour hot water into a container and wait 7 minutes and you ahve urself a intant noodle treat. It was teh greatest pleasure then hehehe...Anyhow, those days are gone but doesnt mean i dont have my maggie mee thingy fact i do have them but improvised to be more healtier and added with some other wholsesome goodness for an extra flavour.

I usually add some cabbages and chicken sausages thrown in then some prawns/chicken and an egg and voilà you have yourself a healthy simple food, good to go :)

My 2nd food is something that i picked up during when i was in Vietnam recently, i had this Conggee Rice porridge one morning and then i was hooked on it and ate it everyday for breakfast during my stay there. The conggee rice poridge actually comes with some salted fried peanuts and Century eggs which means preserved eggs probably a century old hahah kidding! but heck the eggs were black in colour looked kinda scarry BUT taste really good just like salted egg. But this one no smell at all. Anyhow, with what i have i improvised a little and used normal hard boiled eggs and add in anchovies and mushrooms in it just to get more flavours. The onions, mushrooms and anchovies are sauteed for a couple of minutes and then arranged on the top of the porridge and springkled with some onions springs to go with it. I find it a very filling but light food for dinner or breakfast whichever suits you best. for me i had it for dinner as i wanted to have a light dinner for my diet and so this is the just the right choice for it :)

Finally, my third and final food to talk about is this nasi lemak ala clarity! hehehe i was chating with my aunt before i decided to attempt this dish because she said have you ever tried making a nasi lemak before i said hmnnn..maybe but cant remember and i told her was going to try and do one differently coz i wanted to cut down on the calories as much as possible so i decided to just use normal white steamed rice, then as for the sambal, i used tomato paste and some diced tomatoes and + tomato sauce to make it look like its spicy which is not hehehe :) then thrown in the sauteed anchovies + unsalted tuna and you have yourself a sambal. well sambal look a like anyways as i dont like my sambal to be hot or too spicy so this is how i did it and then arranged my halved hard boilled eggs on top of my salad and pour in the sambal on top of the eggs and get ur steamy white rice on the dish and a Voilà you have urself a nasi lemak ala Clarity style :)

hope you guys enjoyed my simple food treat!
la di da di da..

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