Thursday, 28 August 2008

Chateau du Versailles

After spending some time at Notre Dame, we headed west to Versailles. It was sugested by our dear friend Serge & Vita that we go and visit this majestic place of Chateau du Versailles. And true to their words, i cant help but feel at awe looking at the massive Chateau and its just like in the fairy tales indeed. So, to Serge & Vita thank you for the sugestion and its worth all my visit to Paris and thanks to the both of you.

The above location map shows the journey we took to go to the Chateau du Versailles and i think it was like 45minutes journey from Paris and the moment you reach the to a signage where it says Versailles then infront of you you will see a huge Chateau as shown on the picture below

and followed by this......

and some snap shots of us before entering hte enormous great chateau du Versailles...

The whole location map of chateau du versailles, must look at this first before entering then you will have an idea where is everything and what to go and see first :)

Then i had to stop for the restroom but godly, it was such a long queue that i almost gave up..but knowing that theres not many restrooms available inside i just decided to go along wt the queue and wait for my turn.

Next is to get our head gear to listen to the wireless guide where it will tell you what you are looking at and the history of it very handy indeed and it comes in a few languages too.

The first thing that i saw is this i think it was the King's Private chappel..enormously gorgeous!

And the paintings...and designs on the walls and ceilings which to me is very ancient indeed....and of course theres a lot of dancing naked angels on the ceiling...hehehhe very cute indeed :)

and oh yes...the statues hehhehe :)

Then we ventured out a bit and went for a train ride around the area of the chateau and i particularly like the gardens, its pretty well maintained and the flowers was just beautiful!

some of the flowers that i managed to snap my camera with :)

The view from outside the chateau

This is the garden house for the king which consist of a bed chamber and a very huge entertaining area....very huge indeed.

picture collection of us everywhere inside and outside of the chateau du versailles

Then it was time to sample the food and here is where we ate and had our lunch :)

It was yummy food indeed...especially when you are really hungry and tired after a days walking and thisrestaurant by the lake is exquisitely yummiest and i do recoàmmend for anyone to have something from this restaurant and service was excellent too.

a collage of us of pictures taken inside and outside of the chateau du versailles

and finally we end our visit at the Chateau du Versailles by hanging out at the lake side and just watch the day go by... Was definately an out of this world experience for me to visit the chateau as we dont have castles in Malaysia so it was a treat to see and go inside one and it just digs up tyhem historical knowledge back again...another must go on your list if you are visiting Paris :)

stay tuned for more on Paris :)
C & R

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