Sunday, 6 July 2008

My last day in KK :(

Its been a glorious week long vacation home and its come to an end today and im heading back to my other home and start missing everyone in KK again particularly my family....huhuhu...But i guess it wont be long until one or two of my family members will fly and visit me so its not too bad at all and besides, im flying back in two monts time too :) Other then that i'm going to miss a very big occasion happening with my family and that my wee brother is getting married soon and i'll be way during the time and so we hang out with each other earlier on and i guess i just have to wish him and future wifey when the time comes from afar :(( huhuhu
Its ok.... there's always Mewot's turn hehehe :))

here are our pics of myself anf siblings having fun at the mall yesterday trying out gothic stuffs at one gothica shop here in 1 Borneo Mall :)


the black parade vail

devilish vixen indeed hehehhe


L-R: Clarity, Neno & Supervixen

Then we head to our family favourite chinese restaurant hang out which is Thien Thien to have some dinner and thank you JOhn John for the treat :)

yummyy kannnnn :))

chow time!! :)

love always,

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