Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fly me to Labuan but instead we took the ferry :)

The best thing about my trip to Labuan is that i get to meet up with my bestfriend and friends from our college years. It was an eventful journey starting off by car, then by ferry then by car again. it was a wonderful laughing and full of fun journey. 
I marked my journey with my bestfriend Diane with picture we took during our way to Labuan :)

Enjoy them pictures :)

By car....
By Ferry...
My favourite picture of both of us just shows our personality best which is we love laughing :))
And of course Christophe, our friend who claims he is from Ranau and also speaks very well french :)
the suprise get together meeting with another college mate from Uitm and that is Marcella M :) it was a delighful occasion as i've not seen her in ages and this was really a good idea to do cathing up indeed :)
Wonderful dinner  from Diane and her beloved family at their family favourite eat out place :)

 Me and diane's beloved family particularly Miss Darlyn :)Thank you all so very much for the most wonderful hospitality and sharing me your home with you! from the bottom of my heart thank you very much!!

 And a suprise meeting with another friend Ariffin and he is our travelling mate during our college years. wonderful suprise meeting indeed and looking forward to my next visit to Labuan again:)

Big bisous to all of you!

À bientôt


Diane said...

owhhhh beautiful darling....hahahah lucu skali kan really like this..muah muah muahhhhhhh ini kalo tua2 dibaca siok ni hehehehe

ClarityDefinesYou said...

tot, inilah bah nih memories for us nanti hari tua kan :) siokkkkk sekali! mesti mau pigi lagi next time mau bawa si perancit pigi dia kurius sekali bah pasal Labuan nih :)

Too bad si Chan Mali Chan sudah tiada kan...diane kau nampak kah gbr2 si org ranau sasat...semua cam something wrong somewhere kan muahahahaha! :)

Bobby said...